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Avgoulea Linardatou Private School

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BSc | Athens University of Economics & Business Department of Economics
MSc (ongoing) | Hellenic Open University  International MBA



I work as an economist - educator at a private high school in Athens and as a science partner at the University of Athens. Additionally, I am writer, tutor on economics and chief editor on the Greek magazine “Xenophon” which refers to economic science.


I have graduated from Athens University in Economic & Business / department of economic science and my educational interests are focused on the fields of economic science, business & management and entrepreneurship. I have been teaching economics and management since 2000 and with my students we have won many awards in national and international students’ entrepreneurial competitions.




Management skills

  • June 2013 - present: Member of the central board in Union of Economist Teachers of Secondary Education.
  • September 2012 – May 2013: Vice President in Union of Economist Teachers of Secondary Education / Section of Athens.

Personal life

I was born in Piraeus in 1974 where I still live. I am married to Anastasia and we have a son.

Personal Statement

I strongly believe that the Greek examination system is inefficient for the students, the teachers, the Greek families and society in general. The reason is, that it emphasizes only in mathematics and Greek literature and at the same time it is not improving soft skills and innovative thinking of young people. As a member of the central board of the Greek union of economists, I have the view that the unions of professors have the power to influence the Greek official curriculum of secondary education. This is the reason why the Greek school does not follow the international trends.   
To conclude, I am an advocate of the modernization of educational technology, due to the possibillities that they offer in terms of deeper understanding and an overall more enjoyable way of learning. On the other hand, technology is unable, by itself, to substitue the role of the teacher as a mentor and as a motivator, and that is why I am always striving to combine both classic and more modern and student-oriented teaching methods in my classes.


◦  2018: 1st place in Greece on the financial literacy competition "European Money Quiz".

◦ 2016: Junior Achievement / Greece – Award of recycling for the microcompany “trashformers” (project in Avgoulea – Linardatou private school).

◦ 2014: School of Pedagogical and Technological Education / Greece. On January 15, 2014 I was awarded by the educational organization “ASPETE” for my contribution in "promoting the idea of Youth Entrepreneurship in the Greek Economy and Society”.
◦ 2014: Global Enterprise Project / Madrid. 2nd European award for the member of entrepreneurial project of Avgoulea – Linardatou private school Mr. Dimitris Zafeiriou.
◦ 2013: Junior Achievement / Greece – Award of recycling for the microcompany “Ray - Bone” (project in Avgoulea – Linardatou private school).
◦ 2011: Junior Achievement / Greece – 1st award for the best exhibition stand and 4th nationwide prize for the microcompany “Chip to chip” (project in Avgoulea – Linardatou private school).


  • Τηλεοπτική παρουσίαση για την έλλειψη οικονομικού εγγραματισμού στην Ελλάδα.
  • Τηλεοπτική παρουσίαση της εργασίας των Άρη Νότη (Οικονομολόγου) και Μαρίας Ευσταθίου (Μαθηματικού) σχετικά με την συσχέτιση της πτώσης των βάσεων σε επιλεγμένα πανεπιστημιακά τμήματα και της πτώσης του διαθέσιμου εισοδήματος στην Ελλάδα κατά την περίοδο της οικονομικής ύφεσης (2008 - 2015).
  • Παρουσίαση στην εκπομπή της ΕΡΤ "ειδικές αποστολές" των ευεργετημάτων που προκύπτουν για τους μαθητές από την εμπλοκή τους σε μαθητικά προγράμματα επιχειρηματικότητας.